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tv   WLWT News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  March 20, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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impact us until tuesday. when it does, we have a big bump from monday, upper 40s. tuesday, highs in the low 60s. a nice start to the week in terms of sunshine being back. eventually, temperatures climb. i think it's still cool again today and tomorrow. but then we have temperatures above average. today, we'll make it to 44 for the afternoon high. overnight, 29. quite cold tonight but a kwaept over -- quiet overnight. tomorrow, sunshine, a westerly wind. then a southwest wind tuesday and take the temperature up 63 degrees. wednesday, partly cloudy and 61. on thursday, the model this morning when it edged that chance for showers and storms from thursday night to thursday afternoon-ish, evening-ish. it did bring it in earlier. we'll watch for more of a wet day during the day thursday.
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note that is a cold front behind it. temperatures back into the 50s. jonathan. jonathan: thank you, jennifer. a 22-year-old dies after falling during a hike at a nature center outside of lexington. we've learned she's from northern kentucky. the fayette county coroner has identified the hiker as mary stewart of kenton county. she fell while at the raven run nature sanctuary. the facility is closed because of the accident. she slipped and fell over a cliff to her death saturday afternoon. it took rescue crews nearly an hour to reach her body by trying to rappel down the cliff. once stewart's body was recovered, a boat that they were in capsized with both rescuers and the victim on board. raven run sanctuary's closed until further notice now. an autopsy is expected to be performed later today. an indiana high school basketball coach had to be airlifted to the hospital after a team bus carrying 27 players and staff members overturned on a busy interstate. the griffith high school boys
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indiana was headed to a state semifinal game in lafayette on saturday when the crash happened. look at this video. police say another driver spilled her drink on herself, causing her to side swipe the bus with her car. the bus rolled before landing on its side and, in part, the roof was smashed in. really looks more like on its top it landed. traffic was backed up for nearly ten miles while officials investigated. >> the vehicle obviously did roll over. there are injuries to students and several of the adults, multiple people were transported to local area hospitals with varying degrees of injury. jonathan: the school district says the coach is in stable condition. all 26 other people on the bus, including 20 students, have been treated and released. the griffith community will hold a prayer service at a park later today. a traffic warning for drivers in warren county. starting tonight, there will be
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north and southbound at the socialville foster road bridge in deerfield township. at 8:00, there will be single lane closures, followed by double lane cloesh sures starting at 11:00. there will be short-term full closures tomorrow starting at med night. all lanes will reopen by 7:00 in the morning. this is to replace the socialville foster road bridge with a five-lane bridge that includes a bike path. an estimated 10,000 cars use that bridge every day. the full construction project will take most of the year to complete. clermont county will resume road work this week on a water main replacement on branch hill guinea road. starting monday, traffic will be down to one lane. that work is supposed to take two weeks. the closure is part of a larger project to fix drainage problems and widen branch hill. the work will continue through the end of next month. today is palm sunday, which means the return of a century old tradition in cincinnati.
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dinner at the sacred heart church in camp washington. on saturday, volunteers hand rolled more than 23,000 meatballs for the feast. they'll be preparing 220,000 ravioli, more than 600 gallons of sauce, plus bread, salad and dessert. yum! money raised will go back to the church and any left overs will be donated to the drop-inn center. take home orders can be picked up at 10:00. dine-in begins at noon. a local couple spend their weekend grilling to help people in need. wlwt news 5's courtis fuller has how they're trying to change lives one burger at a time. >> trying to do our part. help out the community any way we can. hopefully other people will do the same. reporter: meet charley steinborn and laura overton. they're not part of a big organization. in fact, they're not part of any organization. but this story is proof had that kindness is an underestimated
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and you don't need an organization for that. >> this is our first time and it turned out to be a lot more people than we expected. i guess we went through 100 hamburgers and a little over 100 hot dogs. in about an hour and a half. reporter: charley and laura say they're well aware of the problem of homelessness. but they want to be part of the exclusion solution. that's why charley loaded his grill on the back of his truck and went to the heart of walnut and vine. >> i'd love to see other people do the same thing. i'm not sure if we're allowed to do this. we didn't get any trouble. seemed to work out fine. this is really where most of them sleep and hang out. best spot. >> one person helped is ronald miller, who has been homeless for three years. >> it's hard to ask for help. when you're used to supporting yourself. >> charley and laura say they work nearby.
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individuals all the time. they knew it was time to stop and make a difference. >> they're good people. just the same as you and i. talk to them. they're pretty nice people. >> if they can do this, what can i do for my fellow man. it gives me hope and shows me that there's no giving up. >> charley and laura say they hope to do the same thing again soon. they spent about $200 on food but the impact they made was priceless. practice what you speech would you turn the other cheek forever young >> today, cincinnati's top choirs will battle it out for the top spot at cincy sings. it's semifinals of the singing competition that arts wave started in 2014. the groups from the great american insurance group and macy's customer and credit services have guaranteed spots
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after winning last year. today's sing-off will be at the aronoff center downtown at 2:00 p.m. the final competition is set for april 13 at music hall. the cincinnati metropolitan orchestra is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a concert at seaton high school's performance hall in west price hill at 3:00 p.m. since it formed, they've performed more than 150 concerts in greater cincinnati and around the u.s. 2 23 of the original members are still performing with the orchestra. protesters taking to the streets to stop donald trump. we'll tell you about the incident in arizona and how trump responded. and the latest on the other candidates ahead of tuesday. and only one game stands between xavier and the sweet 16. we'll have the latest on how the team is preparing to take on wisconsin coming up in sports. but not before we go outside through citycam 5. it's a beautiful shot of a church on your palm sunday.
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p and let the people who buy change your thinking about buying your next one. jnls welcome back. in commitment 2016, another scene of protesters trying to put a stop to a donald trump rally in arizona. protesters blocking the main highway that led to his campaign rally. there's a report of another protester assaulted at a trump campaign stop in tucson, which comes on a day when four out of
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trail out west. chris poll loan has more. >> in tucson, violence marred another donald trump rally. video shows a man kicking and punching a protester led from the arena before local police stepped in. it came during an event constantly interrupted. >> there's a disgusting guy, puts a ku klux klan hat on. he thinks he's cute. he's a disgusting guy. reporter: earlier, trump spoke to thousands near scottsdale. protesters there blocked the road leading to the rally by parking their cars in the middle of the road. the frontrunner ignored them, taking aim at republican insiders. >> you have the establishment. they don't know what they're doing. they have no clue. reporter: bernie sanders, also campaigning in arizona saturday. >> attacks against people that in a very personal way is not what this country is supposed to be about. reporter: john kasich tried to stay above the fray while campaigning in utah. >> i will not take the low road to the highest office in the
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i will not do it. reporter: also campaigning in utah, ted cruz, donald trump's chief rival, who thinks the new york billionaire is not a real conservative. >> donald has been supporting liberal democratic politicians for 40 years. reporter: the gloves are off, literally and figuratively. but will any of it slow trumps path to the nomination? chris pollone, nbc news, new york. jonathan: both parties will vote wednesday. it's the caucus day for democrats in idaho. you can stay up to date on the mobile app and online at happening today, mitch mcconnell will appear on "meet the press." he'll talk about chuck todd about the latest from the supreme court, including, of course, president obama's recent nomination of merrick garland for supreme court justice. chuck will put his feet to the fire about whether he'll allow a vote, i'm sure. you can catch "meet the press"
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in addition to senator mcconnell, he'll speak with senator harry reid and ohio governor john kasich. an honor for a local world war ii veteran. mayor john cranley proclaimed saturday henry armstrong day. his church presented him with a french legion of honor medal. the retired command sergeant major served more than 40 years in the u.s. army. the french consulate also honored armstrong for his service during the war in france. let's talk local weather with jennifer. jennifer: we have a quiet start for sunday morning. a contrast from yesterday. this morning, we're being bypassed by rain and snow. notice activity across parts of indiana. yesterday, it was moving east in our direction. this morning, it's sinking south. so it won't be a problem for us. we have mostly clear to partly cloudy skies overhead. should stay that way this morning.
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east. it's trying to move back to the west. so far, hasn't made progress. we're in between the two systems. that's working out well for us at this point with a quiet start. but it is a colder start. temperatures this morning are in the 20s in spots. everyone is dry on the wlwt radar. any couple of flakes there west of interstate 65 not a problem for us. all of us a clean sweep on the radar. we should stay that way today. temperatures in the 20s underneath the clearer skies, the eastern counties. we're sitting in the mid 20s from wilmington to hillsboro, 27 mt. orab. cincinnati officially at 30. note the temperatures a little higher as you travel off to the southwest, interacting with some of the extra clouds there as you head closer to louisville. should be our weather bug temperatures in the mid 20s right now. we'll take a closer look later. we have wind chills to factor in. we're at 30 currently. the wind chill factored in feels like 25. a north wind at five miles an hour. so it's a fairly quiet start this morning. there is a little bit of a north breeze.
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at times. and i think we'll keep the north winds around into the afternoon. take a look. highs today not improving too much compared to yesterday's low 40s. we're in the mid 40s this afternoon with sunshine. we have relatively cool air in place. we'll stay below average again today. i think we have a lot more sunshine today compared to yesterday. on the wider view of the satellite and radar, that sinking air mass across the midwest, across the mid-atlantic, a system lifting off to the east, wrapping a few clouds around on the back side of it. you can see the snow showers up through pittsburgh are trying to progress westward. not a big concern for us. we end up partly cloudy today. a surface north wind will keep temperatures on the cool side. highs in the mid 40s. through our overnight, scattered clouds tonight. tomorrow, we're in the same setup in terms of that north or northwest wind for monday. so we keep temperatures below average one more day tomorrow. highs in the upper 40s on monday, partly cloudy skies. take a look across the plains. there's a warm front building.
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but come tuesday a southwest wind returns and we'll jump about 15 degrees from monday to tuesday. we keep the dry conditions around the first half of the week. so we do have warming temperatures in time. it's just a little bit cool as we officially kick off spring today. 44 degrees for the high. more sunshine today compared to yesterday. but a cooler day. 29 for a low tonight. tomorrow afternoon, upper 40s for monday. partly cloudy skies continue. tuesday, 63. a couple of mild midweek days. partly cloudy wednesday, 61. thursday, any sunshine will help us out a lot with a south wind so assuming we get some, we should make it up to around 70. it looks like more afternoon to evening thunderstorm chance, bringing that a little bit more into the day than the night that we had forecasted, the overnight thursday into friday. it is a cold front behind it, temperatures in the 50s into next weekend. jonathan. jonathan: jennifer, thanks. one game to go for the musketeers before they make it into the sweet 16. it won't be an easy matchup.
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morning sports. george: xavier will be looking for a spot in the sweet 16 tonight. welcome back, everyone. the musketeers taking on the wisconsin badgers. elise jesse is in st. louis and talked with the musketeers at the scottrade center yesterday. elise: it's going to be a top game to watch sunday night. xavier and wisconsin, two of only nine teams to go to the sweet 16 five times in the last eight years. larry austin, junior, told me an accomplishment like that should reflect highly on the coaching staff. >> they're great coaches and we have great players that lock in and do what they say. elise: with such a quick turnaround between games and an unfamiliarity with the upcoming opponent, xavier uses a simple strategy. each assistant coach is assigned to one team and they make sure not to overload the players with information. >> wisconsin is the same way from what i understand. so this time of the year, the players have heard so much.
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you don't want to make it any longer. you want to keep their attention attention. >> at the end of the day, it's about playing hard and getting after it and coming out with more intensity and energy. elise: wisconsin likes to play the classic, big ten style of basketball. that won't be a problem for the musketeers. they love playing physical basketball. just one game stands between xavier and another ticket to the sweet 16 for a second straight year. from scottrade center, elise jesse, wlwt news 5 sports. george: here's a look at the bracket. the winner of the notre dame game plays the winner of the xavier game. x and wisconsin tipping off tonight, scheduled to be right around 8:40 p.m. elsewhere in the ncaa tournament, indiana and kentucky played yesterday. hoosiers get the win. it is indiana heading to the sweet 16. that game didn't hurt my bracket
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it was shot yesterday and the day before and the day before that. i only know one guy that had stephen f. austin over west virginia. and also had middle tennessee beating michigan state. jonathan, i don't know how you do it year after year after year. jonathan: i just got to have you standing by to lie for me. thank you, george. it's the first day of spring and we are a little more than two weeks away now from reds opening day. 15 days, 10 hours, 15 minutes. they'll face the phillies on april 4. saturday, reds fans braved the chilly rain to buy seats for the season opener. opening day ticket packages went on sale at 9:00 a.m. fans were able to camp out 24 hours before the box office windows opened. at least one did. they got a chance to buy two tickets, either view level or standing room, for opening day. and a field box seat to another game. the reds introduced a spring
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wlwt will lead the way with reds coverage on opening day. our live coverage of the findlay market parade starts at noon on monday, april 4. keep an eye out for the wlwt float in the parade. it's going to run until 2:00. jennifer and i are standing by and commenting on it again this year. it's going to be fun. possibly one of the weirdest robberies to ever take place. the theft at ripley's believe it or not museum and the interesting items the thief took. and your live look outside. citycam 5. great shot. look how glassy the ohio river is, reflecting that yellowish am per light off of its surface on this early sunday morning.
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jonathan: welcome back. ripley's believe it or not museum in new york has been robbed. they claim to have the biggest collection of real shrunken heads in the world. both the shrunken head room and the baseball room were robbed. someone replaced the 1941 joe dimaggio bat with a fake one. and balls autographed by dimaggio and ted williams were
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whoa is right. horror hound -- oh, that's -- horror hound. that's elvira. horror hound offers books, movies, merchandise and a horror film festival. enjoy panels on topics from the strain to x-files. celebrities are autographing and taking photos with fans. >> they look forward to this once a year. there's a lot of interest in people dressing up and getting person. so that's my favorite part is seeing what people create. >> do you think those are real? horror hound runs from 11:00 to 5:00 today. a day pass will cost 22.50. a british television network is releasing a behind the scenes
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royal family as queen elizabeth approaches her 90th birthday. the small team making the documentary was granted close access to the monarch and those who know her well. in clips from the program, titled "our queen at 90," kate the duchess of cambridge says the queen has helped her a lot in her approach to public life. >> she's been very generous and not being forceful at all in any of her views. i feel she's been a gentle guidance for me. jonathan: that was kate's first solo interview since becoming the duchess of cambridge. it will be shown on itv sunday, march 27. the leader of the catholic church going after new followers on instagram. pope francis has posted a photo of himself praying. he wants to walk with followers along the way of god tender
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the account has over a million followers. pope francis also has a twitter account. looks like twitter will keep it brief. it's sticking to the 140-character limit. twitter's chief executive and co-founder announced that on the the today show. that comes after reports emerged they were considering a feature to allow for longer tweets. many users spoke out against the possible change. they like of the constriction. still a lot more ahead on news 5 today, including a party to help win the battle against pediatric brain cancer. we'll tell you how much the cure starts now says their gala brought in last night. we have to have a shot of randi rico. she was an emcee.
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stay with jonathan: now on news 5 today, a father preparing to say good-bye to his 4-year-old son. the funeral arrangements police say the boy died after being put in scalding water. also, a man who kidnapped a teenager he met on a social media app. how she was rescued. more chilly weather to end the weekend. meteorologist jennifer schack has when it will feel like spring again. it's sunday, march 20, 2016.
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jonathan: good morning. welcome to news 5 today. thanks for joining us on this sunday morning. i'm jonathan hawgood. this is meteorologist jennifer schack. hello. jennifer: good morning. jonathan: it doesn't feel like spring. it's okay. it does because the pear blossom blossoms are out. the magnolias have been ones. not the dogwood. something else coming out and they're all hanging out, looking beautiful. last seven days. going to enjoy them and the cool air in the next couple days. we were riding a high to get everything to bloom. then it's cool for the weekend. we'll come back out of it. jennifer: spring peak wednesday. midweek, temperatures look fantastic. this morning, spots are in the 20s. wilmington at 26. the rest of us at 30 right now. but we have a little bit of a wind chill to factor in and
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the 20s. compared to where we were last week, it's a chilly start. everyone with clear skies, visibility is high at ten miles. we have a couple clouds aloft. clear sky ies y ies in terms of visibility. not anticipating fog and we are dry. wlwt radar, we were getting ready for the mess of rain and wet snow. this morning, it's a dry start. we'll stay dry throughout the morning hours. we'll watch extra cloud cover to the southwest. precipitation in indiana this morning is sinking south, southeast. so it's going to be bypass us. it is bringing a few extra clouds to our extreme southwest counties, but it's not going to be a problem for us. any cloud cover in eastern ohio trying to invade westward has not made a lot of progress. we're in between the two systems with mostly clear skies and a quiet start. we'll talk about chilly temperatures, how long they stick around before they start to come out and enjoy spring warmth. that's coming up. jonathan: thanks. funeral arrangements have been set for a 4-year-old boy police
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scalding hot water. austin cooper's funeral is set for tuesday at herr riggs funeral home in middletown. franklin police have charged the boy's stepmother, anna ritchie, with child zang erg. she admitted to putting the boy's legs in scalding hot water as punishment. the next day, his father found him dead. a miner va man arrested for kidnapping a girl from missouri is being held on $500 50 $500,000 bond. eric shot well and the teen met on a social media website, say hi, earlier this month. he allegedly drove to missouri, picked her up and brought her back to ohio. once at his home, the teen told the police, shotwell wouldn't let her leave. she texed her mother, who called the police. >> keep an eye on your kids.
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watch your kids. jonathan: the teen was treated at akron children's hospital. now children's serviceses is making arrangements to keep her back home. the fbi is also investigating. hundreds put on tuxes and evening gowns to find a cure for pediatric brain cancer. last night was the cure starts now ninth annual gala at the duke energy center. jenell walton has more. reporter: the scene tonight, moulin rouge as dancers from the cincinnati ballet kicked things off at the cure starts now ninth annual once in a lifetime gala. >> in the past year, we've raised $6.7 million so we've given to cancer research. if you raise it and never spend it, you never get closer to the cure. $6.7 million towards the cure that starts with events like this. reporter: guests were able to meet real life cancer survivors in the crowd, like tanner thompson, a high school junior. >> january of 2009, i was
5:34 am
tumor. i had that one removed in march of 2009 and i came for my yearly checkup and in july of this year, i was diagnosed again with another tumor. reporter: norg organizers invited tanner and her family to enjoy a night on the town. >> great to see people support this great cause. and to get to see it firsthand is humbling. reporter: lauren hill lost a very public battle to brain cancer last year. lauren's mother helped organize tonight's fundraiser. she said it's a great honor to help others fight the disease. >> to go in and be in the fight every day in her honor and her memory until we can get the job done, that just gives me, i guess, like purpose to get up every day and keep moving forward, to help other families that are fighting. >> organizers say they had a very good turnout this year, selling more than 850 tickets.
5:35 am
portion of last night's festivities. there she is. >> education, education, education. you can't fight something if you don't know what you're fighting. jonathan: a cincinnati hom teaming up with the heart foundation to fight the heroin epidemic with hope. donna carmosino knows the pain and addiction firsthand as her son continues his 14-year recovery. saturday, she helped organize an addiction rescue in sharonville, she says, to save the next generation. >> they're kind of with drawn and hide in the closet because they have a child, a parent, a neighbor, a boyfriend, a mom or dad who is an addict. they don't want to come into these events and ask for help.
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counselors provided services. a proposed change to ohio's smoking ban could allow some smoking indoors at private clubs. state senator bill seitz from cincinnati sponsored the bill. supporters say it would mirror other smoking ban states. currently, private clubs can allow smoking if they're not attached to other buildings, don't have employees and are nonprofit. clifton residents are one step closer to having a grocery store. saturday, the clifton market held a construction kickoff. clifton has been without a grocery store since back in 2011, when the keller iga closed. since then, members of the community have been raising funds to bring a grocery store back to the area. clifton market will be a full service upscale grocery with up to 80 employees. >> it's the heart of the community a great place to come
5:37 am
neighbors and celebrate each other and food. jonathan: developers say they expect a construction buildout to take about four months. followed by two months for fixture installation and inventory stocking. they're happy to have a new grossry store. the ymca of greater cincinnati is putting a twist on the easter tradition. today is an underwater egg hunt from participating branches from noon to 3:00. kids can hunt for colored eggs in the pool and exchange them for prizes. the hunt is free and you don't part. the sixth suicide bombing this people. we've got details surrounding the attack, including the two american citizens who were killed. and the thomas more girls or women looking to have back-to-back national titles. their latest victory and next appearance on the court coming up in your morning sports.
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what have you got, citycam? u.s. bank arena with the red glow of some light reflecting off the ohio behind. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying
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jonathan: welcome back. two dual nationality israeli americans are among the dead istanbul. five people were killed and several dozen wounded in the atook.
5:41 am
pedestrian shopping street in the city. it was the sixth suicide bombing in turkey during the past year. no one has claimed responsibility so far. officials in southern russia are trying to figure out what caused a boeing 737 jetliner to crash on landing, killing all 62 people on board. the weather is among the issues being considered. the plane had flown to russia from dubai. nbc's gabby schwartz has the latest. reporter: the impact sudden, the fire ball all consuming. the final moments apparently caught on this security camera video obtained by state-owned russian television. russian officials say the plane exploded, trying to land during a severe storm. at dawn, emergency crews searched the wreckage in heavy wind and snow, sorting through debris and charred luckage. there were no survivors. the crash killed all 62 people on board. inside the airport, some 600 miles south of moscow, crews tried to comfort devastated families. the 737 jet was carrying 55
5:42 am
children and seven crew members. most russian citizens. the plane flying in from the united air ack rab emirates tried to land in the morning but was forced to abort, circling for two hours before trying to land again. this relative said they flew so many miles to die so close to home. investigators have recovered both flight data recorders. the cause of the crash is not known but weather could be a factor. they're also looking into whether a mechanical malfunction or pilot error may be to blame. the ntsb sending a team out as well. >> i would like to express the devastation we all feel. reporter: the carrier, fly dubai, is a newer budget airline with no history of a catastrophic crash. today, in the city, russians are paying respects with roses. families grieve. jonathan: investigators say several other planes also had
5:43 am
at the time of the crash. one of them tried to land three times before giving up and diverting to another airport. four people were injured in a train mishap at the denver international airport. officials say a software glitch caused a jolt on the train. the train was about to make its final stop to drop off passengers when it passed a faulty sensor that caused the train to speed up instead of slowing down. engineers are confident that they've fixed the issue, but the four train cars involved have been taken out of service. an historic visit for president obama. he's set to visit cuba today. the capital city is undergoing a makeover. much of the city's buildings look familiar, similar to washington, d.c. because of anti-american sentiment, many of the buildings were hardly used. president obama will be the first sitting president to visit the island since 1928. he will stay there until tuesday. and just ahead of the president's visit, the centers for disease control has posted a
5:44 am
ika virus travel notice to cuba. cuba has been added for people at risk for contracting the virus. the most common symptoms, fever, rash and joint pain. it's been linked to birth defects. the cdc says people should use insect repellent. starwood hotels has reached an agreement with cuba to take over operations of two hotels in havana. starwood will be the first american hospitality company to operate a hotel on the island since relations between the two countries were restashed after more than 50 years. the new york-based conglomerate will take over the city's oldest hotel property and the fifth avenue hotel in miramar. jonathan: i've got a test for you here.
5:45 am
go ahead. jonathan: i'm going to sing a lyric to the song. jennifer: i'm not going to know it. jonathan: you might. my momma don't like you and she likes everyone . is that harsh or what? jennifer: justin bieber. only because they told me in i ear. >> cheaters back there in the booth. my 13-year-old son has become a big fan. so we've been listening to quite a bit of bieber lately. he's getting better. but that line -- jennifer: i was wondering. jonathan: how about a harsh line. my momma don't like you, and she likes everyone. what's not harsh is the forecast come midweek. jennifer: we have a couple cool days today and tomorrow, then we'll come out of it, back to what we've been enjoying. yesterday, if it wouldn't have been for the 70s earlier this week, it wouldn't have been too bad.
5:46 am
been for that one 20-year-old in the booth, you wouldn't have gotten that right. jennifer: that is satellite and radar. we have a quiet start, unlike yesterday with the rain and snowflakes. yesterday, they were coming from indiana. there's precipitation in spaen indiana this morning, but its' sinking south and southeast. it will go into south central kentucky. we'll end up with mostly clear skies this morning. we have cloud cover to the east of us as well, trying to move westward. we're in between the two systems and so far it's worked out pretty well. quiet conditions this morning. no rain, a dry stretch of weather. not sure why we have the graphic up. let me look at the correct graphics to see where we're actually going to go with this weather forecast. jonathan: the bieber thing threw you. jennifer: we'll start back over again with the satellite and radar. quiet conditions this morning.
5:47 am
as we go through a couple hours, dry conditions falling off. wlwt radar, nothing in the region. a couple flurries in south central indiana will bypass us. we have close cloud cover because of them. carrollton at 35. the rest of us a little cooler out there. temperatures in the mid 20s for spots on the weather bug network. we've seen wind chills drop us off into the low 20s. it's a colder start with a north wind at five miles an hour. visibilities are high. temperatures this morning in the 30s. we'll do okay even with the sunshine. highs in the mid 40s. a little bit higher than yesterday afternoon. satellite and radar with quiet conditions. a north wind at the surface will keep temperatures below average today. highs this afternoon in the mid 40s. heading into monday, we're in the upper 40s tomorrow. we still have a northerly component to our wind. it's not going to help temperatures very much. but out across the plains,
5:48 am
it builds into our direction. we'll have a big jump from monday to tuesday and that's when our temperatures head back into the 60s. today, 44. partly cloudy skies. another cool day with a light north wind. tonight, scattered clouds, probably the coldest night of the stretch. we drop off to 29 for the low temperature monday morning. up to 48 monday afternoon. the last of the school cool days. 63 tuesday, 70 thursday. that will bring showers and storms during the afternoon to evening. that cold front impacting temperatures into next weekend. highs only in the 50s. now here's your sunday morning sports. george: we told you about the big xavier game tonight a little earlier. now let's talk about this big game. a battle of heavyweights. kentucky and indiana meeting in the round of 32. welcome back, everyone. you could see either one of these teams making a run to the final four. but with the way the bracket was
5:49 am
sweet 16. the east region out in des moines, iowa. tyler you lis ulis, the bomb for three. farrell goes to work. the pass to thomas bryant. the hoosiers advancing past kentucky, 73-67. so indiana moves on to the sweet 16 and will meet number one seeded north carolina. all right. high school basketball. the new cath boys were down in rupp arena, hoping to nail down a spot in today's state championship game. the thoroughbreds taking on lexington dunbar. wire with 16 points. but darius williams had 20 points and 11 rebounds for dunbar. he gets the tip here. a fine season coming to an end dunbar. the thomas more women were in columbus playing in the division 3 national semifinals. sidney moss was feeling it last night. pouring in 39 points.
5:50 am
but the saints come out on top, 74-64. thomas more will play for a second straight national title on april 4 in indianapolis against tufts university. again, the xavier game tonight. going to tip off right around 8:40 against wisconsin. the winner moves on to the sweet 16 in philadelphia. elise jesse is in st. louis. she will have a live report at 6:00. live report at 11:00. and a live report on sports rock tonight after the late news. so it's going to be like the elise jesse show all day, just like it's, well, it's the jonathan hawgood show here in the morning. jonathan. jonathan: thanks, george. a condition being researched that could affect the four-legged members of your family. coming up, the auto immune disorder being heavily researched and why vets say it's difficult to treat. a live look outside. citycam 5.
5:51 am
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5:53 am
jonathan: firefighters hoisted a horse to safety after it tumbled down a canyon in southern california. two helicopters are called to lift the horse from the ravine. it was attached to a harness and
5:54 am
through the air. the horse was safely placed down at a nearby ranch area, where it took several shaky leg tries to get up on its feet. i bet the poor thing was scared to death. no people were hurt, thank goodness. we had a horse rescued here this past weekend. there's the horse thinking about trying to get it up. it makes it. there it goes. all right. similar to humans, auto immune disorders in dogs can happen suddenly. the condition is being heavily researched in dogs. that's because they're dying from it. ann bowden has more on the growing concern. >> as in many homes, 7-year-old toby is a member of the family. tonya skaggs says she knew when something wasn't right. toby stopped eating regularly, began losing weight but still had energy. >> that started to change about a week before we took him to the vet. he became completely lethargic about three days prior to us
5:55 am
he didn't do anything. he didn't move. reporter: toby's vet suspected an auto imhyun disorder was behind his deterioration. while disorders aren't necessarily on the rise in dogs, the rate at which they're recognized is higher in years past. >> the most common auto immune disorders will be targeted towards the blood. reporter: the condition can anemia and even death. it occurs when the immune system humans. it attacks the spleen, kidney, liver, skin, nails, eyes and the blood. and often cause as rapid decline in a dog's health. >> his gums were white. his tongue was white. the inside of his ears were white. reporter: toby's health declined quickly. >> they began to run tests, did a complete blood workup on him. they did an ultrasound. they were checking it. they didn't know if it was
5:56 am
obviously, all of those types of things in enlarge liver. reporter: vets have to rule out everything before diagnosing an auto immune condition. treatment is limited because there's no known cause. researchers are working on it, investigating antibiotics and other drugs, vaccines or environmental causes. none have been proven. >> you have about a seven out of ten chance that your pet is going to get better. the reality is this isn't going to happen anytime soon. reporter: sometimes multiple blood transfusions are needed, which can be costly. toby is pulling through. but his treatment is far from over. >> i said, will we ever know what caused this? and she said know. we may never know. jonathan: toby has such loving eyes. that was ann bowden reporting. the disease is difficult to treat. could be any time now for washington d.c.'s second eagle chick to make its debut.
5:57 am
second egg saturday morning. but it can take from 12 hours to two days for the chick to make its way out. the chick's older sibling hatched friday morning. there's still a lot more ahead on news 5 today, including a man serving up a spontaneous meal near his workplace. the deeper message he hopes his hamburgers spread. a live look outside. citycam 5. got old glory waving in the wind there at 30 degrees.
5:58 am
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jonathan: now on news 5 today, a kentucky hiker dies after falling from a cliff. details about the victim and why it was a tough recovery operation. plus, an indiana high school basketball team on their way to the semifinal game is involved in a crash. an update on those injured and what officials say caused the accident. richard: a cincinnati tradition over a hundred years in the making. stick around and we'll give you a taste. jonathan: spring has arrived. you won't feel the change in season today. blue lights at the radisson, a-okay from jennifer schack. she'll tell us when it will get warmer in her most accurate forecast. it's sunday, march 20, 2016. this is news 5 today. [captioning made possible by wlwt-tv] >> good morning.


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